Francesca Avincola is the former West Coast Bureau Chief of the Entertainment Magazine, Screen International, and is currently an executive for CyberNet Communications. A love for the written word has always inspired her, and a passion for poetry has helped her overcome some of life’s most challenging obstacles.

In Touch is an inspirational journey through life’s unpredictable paths, illustrating how the strength of our emotions and convictions dictate the direction we take and, ultimately, who we become. It’s a collection of moments in time when our defenses are down and we are most vulnerable – from being mesmerized by the beauty of a sunset or crushed by the sudden loss of a loved friend. Author Francesca Avincola captures the contradictions between strength and weakness; love and hate; ignorance and knowledge; belief and denial, all of which reside in our hearts at some point in our lives.

Through images and rhymes, In Touch offers a peak into the soul to help make sense of the unexplainable and understand the unforgivable. It challenges the conventional and questions the traditional, while offering hope in the midst of heartbreak and laughter through the unexpected. Avincola depicts life and the world we live in with all of its beauty and flaws. She offers comfort to those who are going, or have gone through heartbreaking experiences, and shares joy with those who have been captivated by the beauty of life.